Dorothy Duff - In Memory of Harry Martin of Oklahoma What a fine dog and what a wonderful home he had.

Elizabeth Mattison - In Memory of Bristol Sheffer

Dorothy Dunn Duff: In memoriam-Miss Bristol Sheffer
Sidney Hardie - For the Senior Fund -- In Memory of Shadow LaFrance
Dorothy Dunn Duff: An Airedale Friend and companion to Rusty LaFrance. We miss you Shadow. Dorothy & Will
Kelley & Patrick -- In Memory of Magoo
In Memory of Earl "Chuck" Andes of Mays Landing, New Jersey
Michaela Andes and Susan Wolf
Stanley R. Zajac
Dominic Murgido
Ted and Ab Pertzborn - In memory of Robert & Helen Sherman
Sherry and Bob Vernick - In memory of Charles Tobin of Marblehead -- loved sailing and walking dogs
Sidney Hardie - In Memory of Toby Duff, 15 yr and 2 mo and 7 days old, who gave Dorothy and Will 8 wonderful years of companionship.
Will and Dorothy Duff - In Memory of Toby Duff
Toby Duff was the oldest of the Bay City Six rescued by Ellana Livermore and Erin Blair. he was fostered by Tom and Cindy Dwyer and went to his forever home with Will and Dorothy Duff. Toby had such a heart. His mind and heart wanted to live on but his body failed him. He was loved by many and will live on in our hearts.
Rusty LaFrance - In Memory of Toby Duff
Erin Blair - In memory of Toby Duff of the Bay City Six. He lived happily ever after thanks to the great kindness of Dorothy and Will. Now the two rescued Tobys are reunited in a far better place than where they started.
Erin Blair - In memory of Riley Livermore, whose last months on this earth were blessed with the loving hospice care of foster parents Ellana and Jim.
Sidney Hardie - In memory of Gurrl and Winston Carrier
Rebecca Browning - In Memory of Clue
Dorothy &er; Will Duff - Audrey Duff was frequently called "Auntie Audrey" She was the supervisor of all Airedale activities in the Duff household. She loved living in the mountains and hunting gophers. Audrey had shared 10 of her years with us and we are so happy to have had that time with her. We hope Audrey and Toby are together running free and joining our beloved Miss Madie.
Kirsten Nelson - Donation in honor of Jackie Cash, Barbara Yager and Christina Prange - the Airedale Rescue Group
Allison &er; Meredith Green - In memory of S. "Mark" Levitt
Heather Tobin - In Memory of My Beloved Uncle Charlie Tobin
Caroline Siegfried - In Memory of William Koslowe
Nancy Story - In Memory of Vivien Smiley
Kerrie B. Koslowe - In Memory of Bill Koslowe
Cathy Bohaty - In Memory of William Koslowe
David Paul - In Memory of William Koslowe
Gordon and Risa Blair - In Memory of Bill Koslowe
Joe and Mada Johnston - In Memory of Thatcher
Maureen and Jim Scott - In honor of our little Airedale Wanna-Be, Pifflesqueak who crossed the bridge May 13, 2008.
From the Destination by Design Family - In Memory of dear sweet Abby
Judie & Kirk Patrick - In Memory of Pelle
In Memory of Francis "Frank" Gillis
  • Brendan Wahlberg & Marsha Gilmore
  • Fran Sobel
  • John & Patricia Feltch
  • The Metrics Team
    • Louis Agro
    • Joe Cambria
    • Beth Abesamis
    • Cheryl Abdus-Salaam
    • Bruce Anderson
    • Cathy Clark
    • Wanda Cox
    • Evelyn Go
    • Mark Henry
    • Devon Moore
    • George Parnizari
    • Daniel Squicciarini
    • Felix Velez Jr
  • Thomas M. Casey, Jr.
  • Lillian and Bob Fulton
  • The Talbots Group, LP
  • Bob & Shelley Guerard
  • Jacqueline E. Thissell
  • Quintin Lew
  • Barbara and Ross Eilbacher
  • Berns Communications Group LLC
  • Verizon Friends: Alethea, Caroline, Lydia, Rich, Cathy, Tony, Ralph, Mary Pat
  • Amy Stern
  • R & J Wheeler
  • Drs. Thomas & Helen O'Leary
  • Marjorie Minkin & Richard D'Amato
  • Mark L. Heinold
  • Sally and William Hardy
  • Dale N. Peatman - In Memory of Frank Gillis
Nancy Flagg & Jill Brennan - In Memory of Julius Warren
Sara L. Diercks - In Honor of Airedales Maggie & Bizzy
Patricia Meeks-Lamb - In Memory of Airedale Victoria Williams

Christine Sheffer - In Memory of Airedale Chad Stover

Sidney Hardie - In Memory of Airedale Seneca Dashing Knave "Jack"
Dorothy Duff - In memory of Jack Hardie - What a fantastic Airedale. Dorothy, Will, Ce'sar, Sunny and Rocket
In memory of Jack, Seneca Dashing Knave - it was an honor to know you. from the Warren Pack
Rusty LaFrance - In memory of Master Jack and in Honor of his upright
Delia Hardie - In memory of Jack, Seneca Dashing Knave, 1/31/1997-7/14/2008
Chuck, Ann and Betsy Jackson - In Memory of Jack (Seneca Dashing Knave)
Nancy Flagg & Jill Brennan - In Memory of Jack Hardie - an Extraordinary Airedale
Lori Taylor - In memory of Sidney Hardie's Seneca Dashing Knave "Jack"
Sidney Hardie and Rose - Our hearts go out to Joey and Jordy. We know that Jack will be there, along with Jules, to greet Junie with tail wags and kisses.
David Barrett - In memory of Junie Warren, Airedale, and beloved companion, of Joey Warren.
Ellen and Andrew Tung - In memory of Airedale Nina
Kramer's Heads or Tails, Inc. - In Memory of a Friend/Client who loved his Airedales
Bernard and Elizabeth Bach - In memory of Airedale Muldoon Zimmerman
Sidney Hardie - In Memory of Forge - Stone Ridge Wrought Iron, MHV
Gina Bernbaum - In honor of Robert Silverberg's 75th birthday
The William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation - in memory of Donna Marie Enerson
Dorothy Duff - In loving memory of Zoe, Companion to Matilde, Lloyd and Rufus
Nancy Flagg & Jill Brennan - In Memory of Junie Warren - Our Hearts Go Out to Joey and Jordi
Tammy Rollins - In Honor of Amy Meyer
Sidney Hardie - In Memory of Rusty LaFrance's Airedale, Monte
Bill Black - In Memory of Clyde
Kim Hoffmann - In honor of Jinx Collins, and her airedales, Clifford and Tulsa
Ellana Livermore - In Memory of Geraldine (Jerri) McDonnell
Joan and David Morton - In Memory of McGee Bly - We are sorry for your loss of such a wonderful dog who touched many lives. He immortalized "Honeychuck"
Beth Rackow - With fond memories of Audrey -- long walks in Patterson Park, chasing rats and cats, digging holes in the backyard, all those great accessories, and that wagging nub of a tail. She is missed by those who loved her.
Sherry Stover - In Memory of Chad "Buddy"
Cinda Becker - In Memory of Leonard Bustillo
Barbara M. Brutvan - In Memory of Leonard Bustillo
Elisabeth Martin - In Memory of Peanut
Barbara and Bruce Zeiger - In memory of: Barky and Prinny Shpigel
Beth Sweeny - In memory of Carey Naumann
Drew Brodsky - In Memory of Rusty
Carole Haselton - In Honor of Tim McNall
Pamela Muir - In Honor of Wendy Atkinson
Susan Williams is in memory of Airedale Winfield Klingensmith/Chappel
Rosemary Fluman - in honor of Mary Godwin
Linda Hobbet - in honor of Eli and Lola
Christina, Steve, Bianca & Marisa - To Dad and Sandi, A small token of all your hard work! Merry Christmas
Leslie Pultz - In Honor of Jeanne Plauth
Jan Bohnsack - In Memory of Ellie who loved her grand dogs
Alyson Elder - In Memory of Amazing Grace "Gracie" Donation not cleared yet
Sidney Hardie - In honor of Diane and Butch Wilson, for the great care and love they have given to beautiful Lady
Rayma Cartier - in honor of Bella Bella
Frances Martin - in honor of Jan Wiles and Jennifer Zoellner, Ok Airedale Volunteers
Caroline W. Plyler - in Honor of Jan Wiles
Jason and Nicole Fox - In Honor of Piper and Sophie Fox
Linda Shradel - In Honor of Susan Fox
Sharon Fay & Maxine Schaffer - In Honor of Patrick and Charles O'Donnell
Dina B. Chernick - In Memory of Goldie, Stella and Dona

Joey Fineran and Delia Hardie - brass plate for the June Dutcher Memorial in memory of Jack Hardie

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.
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