In February of 1991, we picked Victoria out of the litter because she had the tiniest little white patch of fur on one of her front paws which differentiated her from the rest. We brought her home and knew that we just couldn't keep her given name of Victoria because her personality just didn't fit the name. After consulting many relatives and coming up with a lot of names ourselves, we decided on Bryllo, like the Brillo pad, because of her wirey fur. The breeders didn't care for it much, but through the years, all her goofy antics solidified that we gave her the right name.

Always into trouble, we got into the habit of putting something heavy on the garbage basket so she couldn't get into it and putting our shoes away so she couldn't sneak in some recreational chewing. We also learned that if you put your food too close to the edge of the counter, you will lose it. Despite all her troublemaking and high jinks, all she had to do was tilt her head and look at you with those big brown eyes and any anger you had would melt. She used her Airedale charm to the fullest.

This photo is just one of many that we have that shows how she made us laugh almost everyday. She would love to pull toilet paper or paper towel rolls out of the garbage to chew on, so we started to play back by sticking them on her tail because they would fit perfectly. Sometimes she'd catch on right away, sometimes she wouldn't, but she would always then chase her tail and pull the cardboard tube off. We just couldn't believe when she actually looked right into the camera with it on. Of course, shortly after this was taken, she pulled it off.

We feel lucky to have shared our lives with her for 14 years, well beyond any of our expectations. She truly showed that terrier spunk right up to her last moments with us, and has an irreplaceable spot in our hearts.

Thanks again for giving me an opportunity to memorialize Bryllo. She was very special to me!

Giesla Hoelscher

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