Newman Hardy
Ann J. Adams - In Honor of Daisy Salva
Lawrence (Clint) Alcott
Miss Madeleine (Madie, The Princess)
Dorothy Duff - to the Senior Airedales Fund in memory of Clio Holzwarth
Ohio River Valley Airedale Terrier Club - in memory of Ann Maddox
Sharon Dantzig - In Memory of Duchess Shkolnik
Gwendolyn Briley and the Staff of the Pink Pony -- In Memory of Thomas Payne
To Cindy Clausen -- In Memory of Henry Clausen, beloved dog and friend -- From Bryan & Sarah Erwin
Nancy Greig Nance
Judy Burke - In honor of Don "Happy Birthday, Korana"
The Humes Family -- In Memory of Harry Ballman
The Burcham and Saner Families -- In Memory of Gable Stronberg
Tami Cassel, Monica Pino, Christina Neff, Bridget Stauring and Jill Williams - in memory of Crosby
Riley Hardie
Lynn & Jeff Wallace - In honor of Sandy & Tom Pesota -- Thank you for all of your Airedale Rescue work!
Lydia Ross - In Memory of Fiona, Boomer and Izzy
M. E. Moore - In honor of April McLean
Mary & Walt Reams - In Memory of Salsa (1996-2006)
In memory of Bear Lanzer, from Andy Lanzer's co-workers at Liberty Mutual.
Chris Cranston -- in memory of Crosby Cassel
Suzanne Crow - in memory of Cutter and Cricket
To Professor Jessica Rabin, in memory of Toby, from English & Communications Dept. at Anne Arundel Community College
From Joneta T. Williams in memory of Argus, TOO (AKC)
Dina Chernick: In loving memory of MJ Tratmar Nightwatch Faerie Queene and Che Buona Stella
Mary and Walt Reams - In Memory of Toby Baldwin
Christine Sheffer - In Memory of Bridgit Perry-- the much loved aire-girl of Marianne and Robin Perry
Tim Sheffer - In memory of Star Mattison (AM/CAN CH Bristol Aires Northern Star )
Nanch Hall (and Dinah) - In memory of Ellie J. McFearsome
Ellana Livermore - In memory of Beau Dwiggins
Lisa Nettleton - In honor of Jan Wiles - guardian angel of Dolly & Daffodil (Cassie?)
Dolly is living / Daffodil (Cassie?) is deceased of Oklahoma
Pamela McGarry - In loving memory of Sam Saunders
Dorothy McNinch in honor of Nancy Doll
White, Schneider Young & Chiodini PC in memory of Airedale Lupin Chodini
Russ & Judy Tyler, in honor of Airedales Sandy and Abbie Wisnet
M. Joan Johnson - Dedicated to: John & Dorrie Johnson
Dorothy Duff - In memory of Carol Domeracki's Jenkins
Heather & Jerry Vogt - In Honor of Peg & Alex Ariza
Christine Sheffer - In memory of dear sweet Milo
Jackie McGuinness - For Milo who crossed the bridge on 20th dec 2006 he is whole again and for Shirley who loved him -- from the wild bunch
Gloria Garcia - In Memory of Melinda's Atticus
Derek Bullard - Dedicated to Ruth Ellen Hill
Mark de Maria - Dedicated to Jeanette Brown, Stephanie De Maria, and Tess
Rene Sollod - In memory of Atticus, Melinda Costa's beloved boy
Jen & Ron, Oregon - in memory of Angus Hagel
Anne Wilson - In Memory of Atticus
Sandy and Paul Haygood - In Honor of Delia L. Hardie

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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