Filled with Love for Senior Airedales

Below is a list of donors to the 2005 Filled with Love for Senior Airedales fundraiser, which raised $3,546.00 to be used for the expenses incurred by Airedales rescued at age 8 or older.

We raise these funds so that people who care can afford the extra medical expenses required by a senior dog. Some people have the love but not the extra money.


Carol and Ray Adams
AireCanada Rescue
Alaska Airedale Rescue
Anything Airedale
Helen Arnold
Patricia Ash
Wendy Atkinson
Sally Babcock
Ed Baker
Dave Barrett and Becky Corley
Bartlett Ranch
Phyllis Beecroft - in memory of Ace, Duffy, Gypsy and Catie
Elizabeth Berry - in memory of Miss Ruza
Jack Brittan
Shauna Brophy
Christine Brown-Sheffer - queen of the prize baskets
Brown Kennel Supply
Albert Buys
Deidre Calabro
Josee Charette
Linda Cunningham
Barbara Curtiss - NEAR
Denis Curtiss
Karen Dallmann
Kathryn Dean - for Buster and Moxie
Shelley Demerchant
Andrea Denninger
Glenn Domeracki
Marilyn Doudt
Dorothy Duff
Barbara Durance
Patty Eisenbraun
Susan Ellard
Maryellen Estes
Rita Ferrer - in honor of senior Hannah
Joey Fineran
Sue Forrester - in memory of Emma and Alice
Tammie Forster
Shirley Gates
Michele Gorab
Lee Grosskreuz Hechtel
Nan Hamilton
Christie Hansen
Sidney Hardie - in celebration of Chloe's adoption!
Joanne Helm
Mary Higbee - Ratbone Rescues - Rat Terrier Rescue
Ruth Ellen Hill
Margaret Hirsh
Margie Hunter
Dean Incopero
Rose Marie Iski
Renee Jacobson
Darlene Jewell
Libby Karier
Nancy Kaye
Sue Ann Kelly
Patricia Kohl
Candy Kranlich
Terry Kratchman
Paula Lackner
Rusty LaFrance - in honor of Jake, Honeybear, Bow, Scruffy, Phoebe and Meadow
Jeri Langman
Dorothy Lindsey
Stephanie Lingelbach - NATA
Donna Lipscomb
David Louis
Denise Lucas
Lana MacInnes
Steph and Ken MacNeill
Monica Mahn
Barbara Mann
Elaine Martin
Jacqueline McFadden-Crowley
Jackie McGuiness
Kat McMain
Linda Merrill
Doug Miller
Stephanie Miller
Sheila Nelson
Patricia O'Donnell
Bettye Parker
Susan Quale
Barbie Rise
Alice Ross - for newly-adopted Duke
Lydia Ross
Letha Rushing - New Mexico Airedale Rescue
Frandes Sawyer
Karen Schick
Maureen Scott - in homor of Murphy the Wonder Dog
Sue Senerchia
Susan Singer
Neal Skrenes - in memory of Misha
Michelle Smith
Nathaniel Snyder
Sandi Sprankle
Sue Stafford
Joanne Stiscia
Lisa Strickland
Maureen Tate
Sylvia Teeuwen
Fergus Thornton
Marti Touchstone
Susann Trandem
Nancy Tripp
Janice Tucker
Lisa Vaeth - In honor of Barbara and Denis Curtiss
Mary J. Warren
Patti Webster
Cherry Welsh
Janet Williams - Arctic Aire


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Safety Issues

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