Filled with Love for Senior Airedales

Below is a list of donors to the 2006 Filled with Love for Senior Airedales fundraiser, which raised $5,925.00 to be used for the expenses incurred by Airedales rescued at age 8 or older.

We raise these funds so that people who care can afford the extra medical expenses required by a senior dog. Some people have the love but not the extra money.

Senior 'Dales are calm and quiet
And never pull the lead real tight
They sometimes break into a trot
To sniff something they should not

Their walk may not be quite so sprightly
Their eyes may shine a tad less brightly
On your lap they rest a greying muzzle
As close by your side they like to cuddle
So if you have room on the mat by your fire
Of a new older 'Dale you will never tire
Their love from within will never be dimmed
Your friendship and love they are waiting to win

Jackie McGuiness


Carol and Ray Adams
Bob Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Anonymous Aire Angel for Shirley Sanborn (Otis and Milo, too!)
Anonymous Aire Angel for Mary Moore
Anonymous Aire Angel for Evie Fiesler
Anonymous Aire Angel for Jeri and Reggie McDonnell
Anonymous Aire Angel for Joey Warren
Anonymous Aire Angel for Otis and Milo Sanborn
Anything Airedale
Dave Barrett and Becky Corley
Linda Bell
Elizabeth Berry
Warren Blanchard
John and Blanche Bell - and Caper, too!
Cynthia Bermingham
Katie Bolton
Mary Brabender - and Heidi, Nick, Savanah, Jane and Tammy, too!
Shauna Brophy
Rita Brown
Steve and Janet Buggy - in memory of Bailey
Jennifer Burkizer
Albert Buys
Martha Calligan - Molson, Jake and Whiskey, too!
Josee Charette
Marie Chismar
Jeanne Combo
Mary Corley
Anita Cotter
Kristin Cryer
Connie Cservenyak
Diane Cullen
Barbara Curtiss
Star Daley - and Maximus, too!
Sandra Dannenbaum
Jill Demand
Andrea Denninger
Linda Doering
Marilyn Doudt
Dorothy Duff
Barbara Durance - Spice and Pepper Rose, too! - in memory of Cory and Charlie Brown
Judy Dwiggins
Patty Eisenbraun
Trisha Emerson
Maryellen Estes
Suzanne Etherington
Anna Fansler - and Popeye, too!
Joyce Fazekas
Rita Ferrer - Happy Valentine's Day from the little guys!
Carol Lee Fisher
Sue Forrester
Denae and Morris Frieling
Ruth Furie
Mary nd Milt Gade
Debra Gara
Pat Ghoca - and Toby, too!
Anne Green
Denise Gwinn
Christie and Denys Hansen
Sidney Hardie
Lee Hechtel
Kate Hefright of Quilted Keepsakes
Beth Heras
Marina Herbert
Mary Hester
Margie Hirsh
Margie Hunter
Lizzie Hurtt
Dean and Deb Incopero
Carolyn Ives, dogmom of one of the spokesdogs!
Renee Jacobson
Cynthia Johnstonbaugh
Libby, Garry and Molly Karier
Libby Karier - and Molly, too!
Molly Karier - who broke open her puppy bank this a.m.
Jodi Karpinski
Nancy Kaye
Kathy Kazin - and Emmy, too!
Candy Kramlich
Bert Krause
Paula Lackner
Rusty LaFrance
Jeri Langman
Mary LaPointe
Jim Laurent - and Lady, too!
Ellana Livermore
Denise Lucas
Lana MacInnes
Stephanie MacNeill
Denise and Kevin Maegaard
Maggie and Angus
Ms. Pix - from Annie and Mr. Mac
Monica, Tim and Ben Mahn - in memory of Teddy, who would have been 10 years old
Sande Mancini
Amy and Henry Marino
Elaine Martin
James Mattimoe
Dorothy McCarthy
Jeri McDonnell - Reggie's dog mom!
Jackie McGuiness
Kat McMain
Jack McPherson
Sheri Metzger Karmiol
Katrin Meyer-Gomes
Yvonne Michalak
Miss Rhody's little brother 'Dale
Patricia Nowak
Patricia O'Donnell
Barb Oimas
Frank Ott
Marianne Perry
Bobbi Procyk
Pam Rabbitt-McKusick
Deanna Renova
Vicki Richards
Diane Richey
Sherry Rind
Lydia Ross - in memory of Davey, Andy, Molly, Kerm and MJM
Jake Ryan
Chuck Rusk and Jay Samec
Ines Sanchez
Frances Sawyer
Steve Schultz
Maureen and Jim Scott - from a 10-year old, Angie, who hopes that this small amount will help another Airedale in need like her much-beloved senior rescue brother, Murphy.
Marie Sestile
Corinne and Bill Settle
Sharyn Sexton
Cheryl Silver
Mary Smith
Sandi Sprankle
Troy Springborn
Denise St. John-Mironov
Wendy Stehl
Carolyn Strong - in loving memory of Millie who would have turned 11 in December 2005
Maureen Tate - in loving memory of Kali, Duchess and Fletcher
Lori Taylor - and Forge, too!
Kristine Thomason
Jackson Thorpe
Rick and Yasmin Thorpe - Miss Rhody's grandpa and grandma!
John Touchstone
Marti Touchstone
Susann Trandem - Molly and Chloe, too!
Nancy Tripp - in memory of Emma, Nellie and Dale
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Turner
Robert Vaeth
Pam Vandergrift
Charon Walker-Johnson - and Lou, too!
Elizabeth Walters
Joey Warren - and Junie B, too!
Cherry Welsh
Curt White
Jan Wiles
Janet Williams - in memory of Holley, 15
Karen Williams
Yvonne Winram

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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