Filled with Love for Senior Airedales

Below is a list of donors to the 2008 Filled with Love for Senior Airedales fundraiser, which raised $10,001.00 (thank you to the anonymous donor who wanted to see the fundraiser top $10,000 this year) to be used for the expenses incurred by Airedales rescued at age 8 or older.

We raise these funds so that people who care can afford the extra medical expenses required by a senior dog. Some people have the love but not the extra money.


Raymond Adams
Anything Airedale
Helen Arnold
Ed Baker
Bette Baldwin
Anne Beiter
Rebecca Bender
Cynthia Bermingham
Elizabeth Berry
Hazel Bickerstaff
George Bingham
Alison Blair
Mary Brabender
Linda Brendlinger
Jody Brittan
Rita Brown
Jennifer Burkizer
Deidre Calabro
Stephanie Callahan
Martha Calligan
Ann Capobianco
William Carrier
Lucile Chaille
Lauren Chicklo
Marie Chismar
Patricia Chmelar
Astro Ciancarelli
Holly Coes
John Combo
Patrick Conlin
Alison Coon
Mary Corley
Melinda Costa
Rosemary Cox
Becky Craig
Connie Cservenyak
Ellen Cummings
Barbara Curtiss
Andrea Denninger
Mary Doering
Pamela Dolce Nevin
Carol Domeracki
Glenn Domeracki
Jean Donegan
Don Doudt
Dorothy Duff
Barbara Durance
Judy Dwiggins
Patty Eisenbraun
Wanda Elaman
Alyson Elder
Jerry Emily
Jeanne Esmond
Maryellen Estes
Suzanne Etherington
Joyce Fazekas
Rita Ferrer
Jennifer Fier
Evie Fieseler
Donna Flynn
Kathleen Forrest
Sue Forrester
Susan Fox
Morris Frieling
Mary Gade
Joyce Gardner
Leonard Gates
Jeff George
Mary Giese
Amy Gorman
Jeannette Grantner
Lee Grosskreuz Hechtel
Michelle Hamilton
Delia Hardie
Sidney Hardie
Beth Hauck
Christine Hayes
Patricia Hayes
Gregory Haynes
Marina Herbert
Teresa Hildebrandt
R.E. Hill
Elizabeth Hurtt
Dean Incopero
Carolyn Ives
Renee Jacobson
Kirk Jenkins
Diana Jenson
Candace Jones
Pamela Jones
Sharon Judy
Elizabeth Karier
Quilted Keepsakes
Carol Kobrin
Mary Korbel-Chiappetta
Marie Korta
Candace Kramlich
Jeri Langman
Mary LaPointe
Audrey Larson
Ellana Livermore
Linda Lombardo
Lana MacInnes
Stephanie MacNeill
Kathy Mahoney
Sandra Mancini
Elaine Martin
Frances Martin
MaryAnn McCaffrey
Dorothy McCarthy
Ellen McGeagh
Jackie McGuiness
Pam McKusick
Deborah McMahon
Kat McMain
Linda Merrill
Yvonne Michalak
Jeanne Monast
Mary Moore
Linda Myers
Barbara Novak
Mary O'Hara
Barbara Oimas
Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Jessica Ostrancer
Kathy Patterson
Gun Penhoat
Patent Perspectives, Inc.
Kathleen Petty
Jeanne Plauth
Tobi Potter
Christina Prange
Thomas Preston
Roberta Procyk
Deanna Renova
Jann Rogers
Charlene Rohloff
Nancy Rohrer
Lydia Ross
Susan Santovasi
Karen Schick
Sara Schlossman
Sally Schnellmann
Maureen Scott
Marie Sestile
Gary Shaffer
Cheryl Silver
Pamela Simpson
Margaret Sinex
Kathryn Sitzman
Rubyanna Skrede
Patricia Spillan
Denise St. John
Margaret Stewart
Maureen Tate
Diane Taylor
Loralee Taylor
Susan Taylor
Cynthia Tompkins
Martha Touchstone
Cindy Trumble
Janice Tucker
Barbara Valachovic
Pam Vandergrift
Amy Wahl
Elizabeth Waters
Joey Warren
Patricia Webster
Cherry Welsh
Jan Wiles
Janet Williams
Nicole Wobbe-Espinoza
Rosalyn Wood

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.
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