• Ellana Livermore - in honor of Sheri Kamol's Tucker.
  • In memory of Ann Jensen
    • Liberty Township Proessional Firefighters Association
    • Dr. Ernest and Mary Spahia-Carducci
    • John Walkup
    • David Anderson
    • Jim Cirigliano
    • Dave Roberts
    • Michael Lyons
  • In memory of Special Angel Blackjack of Encore, CGC, CD aka Alice Claire'dale Ross
    • Heather Estlow - Run free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl.
    • Joey Warren - June Dutcher Memorial
    • Katherine Appleton
    • Monica Mahn
    • Elizabeth Caesar
    • Pam Vandergrift - In memory of an Airedale with an attitude.
    • Penny, Odie, Nolan & Cindy Berner
    • Ellana Livermore
    • Barbara Durance - Never Ever forgotten! Hugs, Barbara, Spice and Griffin James
    • Mary Giese - Alice was definitely an original. If there is a Rainbow Bridge, she is on it with a tennis ball.
  • Pam Vandergrift - to celebrate Lydia Ross's birthday January 29th...MANY MANY MORE....
  • In memory of Sunny Duff
    • Dorothy Duff
    • Sidney Hardie
    • Ruth Hill
  • In memory of Izzy Karmiol
    • Dorothy Duff - "Thank you for loving Izzy and providing him with such a wonderful home." Dorothy and Will Duff
    • Ellana Livermore
    • Beth Goldstein - In memory of Izzy Airedale and the great care that was given by Sheri Karmiol and her family.
  • Gregory Shubin - From BelAire, and in loving memory of Andy Fernan.
  • Maureen Tate - For my Beloved Airegirls at the Rainbow Bridge, Kali, Kori and the Duchess. Hugs and Kisses to Pearl, Lilly, Crockett and future babies.
  • Maureen Tuttle - in memory of Colleen Leppert's Airedale, Charlie - 1999-2011
  • Judy Dwiggins - in memory of Sarge, who rescued Mary LaPointe. "Remembering Sarge who touched so many hearts through Mary LaPointe's kind and generous spirit. He was a very special Airedale."
  • Nhi Finley - From Lola and Nhi in memory of Chip, Gus, Bear, St. Sarge, and Duchess.
  • Katherine Appleton - in memory of Duchess Hamilton... across the Rainbow Bridge. From Miley in PA
  • Marsha Opperman - in honor of the marriage of Don and Angela Neff.
  • Timothy Sheffer - in memory of AM/CAN CH Bristol Aires Unsung Hero. "In memory of Hero a very special Airedale, who will be deeply missed, but not forgotten." Tim and Christine Sheffer
  • Gannon family - in memory of Elle Brinker. "We were so sorry to hear about Elle's sudden illness and death. Our deepest condolences." Alice, David, Zoe, Andrew & Ashley
  • Michelle Hamilton - in memory of Duchess. Michelle had a personal fundraiser to help collect money to pay for a surgery she needed for her Airedale Duchess. Duchess died before the surgery could be done so she sent the funds for Oklahoma Airedale Rescue to help the Oklahoma dogs.
  • Dee McAlpine - in memory of a precious little 15 year old yorkie Mr. Spanky. He passed away while I was gone, his owners are dear friends of mine and miss him very much.
  • Jerilyn Small - in memory of Simon Albert Lamb. My first Airedale meeting in person and he was such a fabulous, loving boy. No Mom could have loved Simon more or done more for him. They were a team.
  • Timothy Emeny - In loving memory of our Aire-girl, Ellie, who made the journey across the Rainbow Bridge on 23 March 2011. Get well soon, Oscar; Ellie is watching over you.
  • Lela & Marvin Criswell - in memory of Fergus, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 7, 2010
  • Linda McVey - For the adaireable Oscar! from Linda, Picabou, TJ in memory of Barkley 1995-2010
  • Sue Forrester & Bill Molyneux - from the Aussie As and in memory of Ascha, our Golden Girl.
  • Linda Mufich - in memory of Reba
  • Patti & Gregg Webster - In memory of Biscuit and Tucker
  • Danielle Smith - In loving memory of Ernie Airedale whose birthday was yesterday March 31st. Hope you find your forever home soon Oscar! Love Danielle and Otto Airedale.
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Max and appreciation to Patrick who has shared his home with many Airedales Max was adopted from rescue 9 years ago and lived a wonderfully full life.
  • Nobue Matsuoka - donation in memory of Masha Gorenman
  • Nancy Snider - donation in memory of Masha Gorenman
  • Dr. Fran Weinstock - donation in honor of Frances Martin.
In celebration of Rosie's upcoming second birthday on Aoril 13, 2011, please accept my donation to Oklahoma Airedale Rescue in honor of Frances Martin for rescuing and fostering sweet Rosie. I am so appreciative and eternally grateful to Frances for choosing me to be Rosie's forever mother. Frances' devotion and continuous efforts in rescuing so many Airedears (including Rosie's mother, father and siblings from another litter) is most admirable and deserves to be acknowledged and commended.
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Tucker Karmiol. Sheri and Ira took in this senior and virtually saved his life. Tucker had had a wonderful, loving home for his last years. "Thank you Sheri and Ira for caring for this senior"
  • Sheri Karmiol - For Molli of New Mexico in memory of our sweet boys Tucker (13) and Izzy (7), who left us too soon this Spring.
  • Nancy Flagg - in memory of Alice Ross - she was a wonderful Airedale and she is very much missed.
  • Ursula Murray - in memory of Douglas Whitman.
  • Dorothy and Will Duff - in memory of Rocket Duff
  • Sidney Hardie - in memory of Airedale Bert Krause
  • Heidi Nickell - in memory of Airedale Abby Hayes.
    Dearest Leslie, Your Abby has earned her Angel Wings! Godspeed sweet, brown-eyed girl. We will miss you..... Love, Heidi, Mike, Chloe, & Mr. Tom Tom
  • Dana Lindsey-Danner - in memory of Penny Lane
  • Phoebe Eskenazi -in honor of my "grand dog's first birthday.
    If you go to my website: www.sacredspacescards.com, you can see Sophie who was adopted from Southwest Airedale Rescue by my daughter.
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Peanutbutter the beloved Airedale of Jim and Martha Harris
    Thank you Jim and Martha for providing such a loving home to Peanutbutter. He could not have had a more perfect home. Dorothy & Will (PeanutButter at right)
  • In memory of Ce'sar Duff
    Ce'sar came to us weighing only 6 pounds and was the weakest pup of the litter we got from the shelter. He was close to death more than once so we have been so very thankful for every day of the 8+ years he has been with us. Despite medical problems he had tremendous heart. He was the supreme Airedale ambassador. Handsome and with the gentlest temperament...he made many friends, made many adoption home visits and greeted a multitude of foster dogs. He was a soul mate and constant companion. We so miss you Ce'sar
    • Will and Dorothy Duff
    • Sidney Hardie
    • R E Hill
  • Kurt and Wendy Eshelman - donation via PayPal in memory of Emma.
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. " (Anatole France) --Kurt, Wendy, May, & Payton send or love.
  • Dorothy & Will Duff - donation via PayPal - in memory of Kaiser Orgel.
Mary & Michael,
Thank you for loving the rescue Kaiser. You provided him such a caring home with total devotion. Kaiser was a bold handsome boy and he will be really missed.
Dorothy & Will

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.
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