You looked into my eyes and saw my sorrow. You gave me food to nourish my tummy. You gave me vet care to fix my ills. You gave me your loving touch to heal my soul. You placed me with my very own family. I wag my tail and give you wetbeardkisses. I am finally home.


Welcome to the website dedicated to assisting Airedale rescue efforts throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Mission

The mission of the Rescue Committee is to facilitate the rescue, fostering and careful placement of lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers…   Read More >>



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  • Charles Coco - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Alice Eklof - in Memory of Tali
  • Anonymous donor via the PayPal Giving Fund
  • ATCA Members who included donations with their membership renewals
    • Tarry Faries
    • Judith Hall
    • Dr. Jessica Rabin
    • Christina Sparling
    • Susan Hill
    • Susan Werner



  • Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape - In Memory of Len Galante
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Jessica Rabin - In Memory of Twiggy (Coldstream Outrageous Style)
  • John and Diane Lee - In Memory of Lucy Crossman
  • Michael Fazzari - Dedicated to Andrew Hall and Doug Fiebelkorn
  • Anonymous donor via the PayPal Giving Fund
  • Kyle Smith - in Memory of "Elsa"


  • Don Lafler - in memory of Rusty, a rescued Airedale, and a real gentleman
  • August contribution from the ResQwalk app. Great work! -Bailey
  • Kristin Moore - donation to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund in memory of Sofie
  • Sidney Hardie - In honor of all the members of the Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee, current and past. What a very talented and generous group of people. I am so sad that this era is over, but so proud of all you have contributed to saving the lives of homeless Airedales.
  • Airedale Terrier Club of Illinois - in Memory of Janet Johnson Framke
  • Ruth Ellen Hill - for Senior Airedales rescued in Oklahoma
  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal


  • Cathy Biersack
  • Texas Airedale Rescue adopter who donated the gorgeous Joanne Vohs Airedale Dolls to raise funds for Airedale Rescue at the Montgomery silent auction.
  • June Mara, who donated a Fitz Hug Limited Edition print to raise fudns for Airedale Rescue at the Montgomery silent auction in memory of Eileen M. Halliday.
  • Claudia and ED Cavin - for Senior Airedales
  • Anonymous donation in honor of Anne Hjort
  • Mary and Stuart Gleich


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • September contribution from the ResQwalk app. Great work! -Bailey
  • Madonna Binney - in Memory of Maxine Warner
  • Par Merat - in Memory of Chewy
  • Andrea Denninger and Albert Buys - donation for No Fruitcake Card
  • Mary Lou Okeefe - In Honor of Delia Hardie
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - No Ball at All Fundraiser
  • Mac Bednarik - for Reba of New Mexico
  • Leo Rotstein - Joey Fineran Senior Fund
  • Sharilyn Kmech - for Reba of New Mexico
  • Teddy and Macy Radojevic -  No Ball at All Fundraiser
  • Mac Bednarik - for Reba of New Mexico
  • Frances Martin - In Honor of Jan Wiles, Oklahoma Airedale Rescue coordinator
  • Corinne and Matt Lindenfelser
  • Anonymous donation dedicated to Tia Jenkins in Memory of Darcy
  • Shaggy Bonfield -  No Ball at All Fundraiser
  • Anonymous donor via the PayPal Giving Fund
  • Judith Schulte - in lieu of a Christmas present
  • Kay Krause - in Memory of Jim Krause
  • Delia Hardie - in Memory of the Noladales Who Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
  • Pamela Dolce Nevin - in lieu of a Christmas present
  • Sharilyn Kmech - No Ball at All Fundraiser in Honor of Cooper of Utah
  • Susan Baird - No Ball at All Fundraiser in Memory of Bogart Handsome Devil
  • Sidney Hardie - No Ball at All Fundraiser - the HardieDales wish everyone a Happy New Year
  • Edward Accomazzo
  • Stephen Katz
  • Charlotte Haygood - In Honor of Delia Hardie
  • Susan Morrison - No Ball at All Fundraiser 
  • Heda Jindrak - Best Wishes and Happy New Year!
  • Becky Stull
  • Barbara Armstrong - in Memory of "Maisey" Sexton
  • Jeffrey Howard - No Ball at All Fundraiser  In honor of our 4 1/2 Airedale's, and all the others who enrich our upright lives!
  • Ken and Karyn Bauer - in Memory of Cookie Magnolia Bauer
  • Stephanie S Lingelbach - for the Seniors
  • Dina Chernick - in Memory of MJ's Starlover's Knot "Astrophil" ever missed

The Wonderful Bees of the Airedale Quilting Bee, who create masterpieces and donate the profits to Airedale Rescue. Click here to view the quilts


If you have made a donation to the ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee (or National Airedale Rescue, Inc.) and your name is not listed, please email the webmaster. We appreciate and want to acknowledge every donation.

Airedale Rescue Training (ART)

The ATCA Rescue and Adoption Committee is happy to offer an optional training program for apprentice rescue volunteers who are unable, or for some reason choose not, to obtain training through an active Airedale Rescue Regional Group operating in their area of residence. This program is not intended to replace the regular method of becoming an Airedale Rescue volunteer by joining an Airedale Rescue Regional Group. To find a group in your area, visit our list of regional rescue contacts.

If you are ready to train, and want to use the ART program, let us know.


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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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