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  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Skippy Curley Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook
    • Lynn Armstrong
    • Ginger German Robinson
    • Marla Poor
    • Manon Ress
    • Paul Smulian
    • Dana Elsesser
    • Jasper Ippolito
    • Charles W Jones III
    • Leslie Rosenberger
    • Facebook Donations Fund
  • Jay Overocker - I Love My Airedale
  • Barbara Bonfield - donation to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund - Thank you, NAR and OKAR for my sweet Nonie
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Nata Shubin - In Memory of Nonie Bonfield
  • Donations for Bentley of Arizona
    •  Lulu Hoeller
       Linda Collier
       Susan Preiss
       Julie Giles
       Ellen Karp
       Erin Daniell
       Linda Tegarden
       Ann Morgan
       Karla Richardson
       Mrs Mary Moore
       Pam Kelba
       Christine Babnick
       Dawn Weintraub
       Herb & Bumble
       Hilary Frisby
       Jacqueline Fulgham
       James Grzelak
       Karen Kocis
       Nancy Reinhardt
       Virtual Assistant / Cape Cod
       Amy Grubaugh
       Claudia S Mahon
       Colleen Milhan
       Donna Gillespie
       Elinor Ziegler
       James Kavanaugh
       Janet Bogren
       Jeanne Esmond
       Karen Evans
       Merry Pilgrim
       Penelope Pappas
       Sharlene Sherman
       Summer Harvey
       Walter Pickard
       Yvonne Michalak
       Jackie Cash
       Luanne Gertsner
       Sarah Willyerd
       El Tigre Invesments Llc
       Michele Coombe
       Ann Harlow
       Bradley Ruth
       Chris Patterson
       Elizabeth Karier
       Janet Lawlor, Bctmb
       Jennifer Burkizer
       Marnix Van Gemert
       Martha Calligan
       Morris Frieling
       Rebecca Eash
       Thomas Holiday
       Cassandra Phillips
       Odette Stevens
       Bob Simcock
       Debra Przelomiec
       Diane Thomson
       Linda Ryno
       Nigel Matson
       Patricia Lippiatt
       Susan Harmon
       Michele Allen
       R A Clime
       Cheryl Fields
       Patricia Hairston
       Deborah Vaught
       Rebekah Forlenza
       Dorothy Duff
       Gail Haney
       Kendall Sterling
       Leslie Piper
       Penelope Pappas
       Jean Hogg
       Carla Pollard
       Miriam Angel
       Suzanne Eskenazi
       Sacred Spaces Note Cards
       The Airedale Terrier And Adoption Network Of Austra
       Helen Morris
       Mary O'connell
       Kim Zaborniak
       Teresa  Benson
       Frances Martin
       Karen Peters
       Jeanne Combo
  • Ann Ernst
  • Beth Goldstein
  • Karlene Kirkpatrick
  • John Turba
  • Nancy Guillory Fundraiser
    • Skippy Curley
    • K Wills Sterling
    • Julie O'Grady
    • Charles Jones III
    • Elizabeth Ward
    • Veronique Forestier-Moser
    • Sharilyn Kay
    • Susan Widmar
    • Sayte McComb
    • Teri Murdock
  • Arleen Larzelere monthly donation via PayPal
  • Laurie Naismith - for Texas Airedale Rescue or wherever needed
  • Judith Luckett - for Texas Airedale Rescue Team for all their new dogs and puppies.
  • Donations for the TART 11 (+puppies)
    • Kelley Reynolds
    • Richard Armstrong
    • Christine Babnick
    • Alexius Jones
    • Willem van Opijnen
    • Wendy Turner
    • Valerie Jones
    • Sioux Munyon Swart
    • Charlie Roze
    • Johnita Jones
    • Julie Tolleson
    • Judy Sweatt
    • Tony Quinn
    • Joyce Ferreira
    • Sheila Callaghan
    • Nancy Smith
    • Carrie Deak
    • Angie Graham Homan
    • Linda Greene
    • Barbara Bonfield
    • Sharon DeBoer
    • MaryEllen Barnes
    • Kim Stromple
    • Kathy Haggerty Appleton
    • Deanne Rivers
    • Morgan Brooks
    • Heather Bataille
    • Phil Payne
    • Krista Ayers
    • Wendy Schweitzer
    • Rose Olivieri
    • Melinda Costa
    • Jessica Roczniak-Grist
    • Susan Singer
    • Emily Newton
    • Cate Stetson
    • Suzanne Iorio
    • Teresa Dalby
    • Suzanne Etherington
    • Joanna Gradillas
    • Meridith Treen
    • Lori Nafshun
    • Jeanne Combo
  • Ryan Putz (Heather's Birthday Fundraiser)
  • Anonymous donation in Memory of Barbara Bonfield's Nonie via JustGiving


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • James Latus - for Texas Airedale Rescue
  • Marian Dillon - In Memory of Tilly (a very good dog)
  • Dog Ranch Rescue, Inc. - to help with the medical bills associated with the dogs that you rescued from the Texas property this past month
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Donations via Facebook
  • Robin Beard K Wills Sterling
    Cindy Smith K Wills Sterling
    Teri Murdock K Wills Sterling
    Noel Neuroth K Wills Sterling
    Lee Grosskreuz K Wills Sterling
    Carol Waterhouse K Wills Sterling
    Ellie Ziegler K Wills Sterling
    Jeremy Hanson K Wills Sterling
    Ed Farr K Wills Sterling
    K Wills Sterling K Wills Sterling
    Kelley Reynolds TART 11+puppies
    Richard Armstrong TART 11+puppies
    Christine Babnick TART 11+puppies
    Alexius Jones TART 11+puppies
    Willem van Opijnen TART 11+puppies
    Wendy Turner TART 11+puppies
    Valerie Jones TART 11+puppies
    Sioux Munyon Swart TART 11+puppies
    Charlie Roze TART 11+puppies
    Johnita Jones TART 11+puppies
    Julie Tolleson TART 11+puppies
    Judy Sweatt TART 11+puppies
    Tony Quinn TART 11+puppies
    Joyce Ferreira TART 11+puppies
    Sheila Callaghan TART 11+puppies
    Nancy Smith TART 11+puppies
    Carrie Deak TART 11+puppies
    Angie Graham Homan TART 11+puppies
    Linda Greene TART 11+puppies
    Barbara Bonfield TART 11+puppies
    Sharon DeBoer TART 11+puppies
    MaryEllen Barnes TART 11+puppies
    Kim Stromple TART 11+puppies
    Kathy Haggerty Appleton TART 11+puppies
    Deanne Rivers TART 11+puppies
    Morgan Brooks TART 11+puppies
    Heather Bataille TART 11+puppies
    Phil Payne TART 11+puppies
    Krista Ayers TART 11+puppies
    Wendy Schweitzer TART 11+puppies
    Rose Olivieri TART 11+puppies
    Melinda Costa TART 11+puppies
    Jessica Roczniak-Grist TART 11+puppies
    Susan Singer TART 11+puppies
    Emily Newton TART 11+puppies
    Cate Stetson TART 11+puppies
    Suzanne Iorio TART 11+puppies
    Teresa Dalby TART 11+puppies
    Suzanne Etherington TART 11+puppies
    Joanna Gradillas TART 11+puppies
    Meridith Treen TART 11+puppies

  • Thank you to the the Airedale Terrier Club of America and ATCA Members
    who included a donation to the ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee when
    they renewed their membership:
    • Barbara F. Brown
    • Christina Sparling
    • Dr. Jessica G. Rabin
  • Marie P L'Heureux - in Honor of the Marriage of Christine Avery and Michael Puchalek
  • Arleen Larzelere monthly donation via PayPal
  • MUFG Credit Union - Leslie Piper donation match 
  • Glen Osborne


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Charles Coco
  • Maria Palumbo - In memory of Willa (a much loved Airedale)
  • Anonymous donation in memory of Willa
  • Donations via Facebook
    • Lori Nafshun, SWAT for Texas 11
    • Ryan Putz, Heather's Birthday Fundraiser
    • Michael Beloit, Heather's Birthday Fundraiser
    • Suzanne Doherty, Boosh N Gosh Latus Fundraiser for Texas 11+
  • Lori Taylor - In Memory of Pinky - Candy Kramlich's Airedale
  • Lori Taylor - in Memory of Sophie - Lydia Ross' Airedale
  • Deborah Meyer - Donation to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund in tribute of the marriage of Chris Avery and Michael Pulchalek.
  • The Dunvilles - in Memory of Willie Mitchell
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Arleen Larzelere monthly donation via PayPal


  • Ernie Cavin - for the seniors
  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Lori Nafshun and Michael Bone - for Pearl of Southern California
  • Christian & Shannon Seckler Nakata - In Memory of Liberty, whom we miss dearly
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Donors of Items to the Facebook Great Pumpkin Airedale Auction
    • Audra Tackett Beddoes
    • Barbara Bonfield
    • Barbara Price Morrison
    • Beth Goldstein
    • BJ K Forrest
    • Brad Ruth
    • Bronco Bijou
    • Candy Kramlich
    • Carol Maes Stabile
    • Cathy Biersack
    • Cherie Compartore
    • Chris Williams Jibilian
    • Christine Sheffer
    • Denise Lucas
    • Dinah Swinehart Brock
    • Ellie Ziegler
    • Fabienne Lagneaux
    • Frances Martin
    • Ina Ursula Obermann
    • Jackie Ike
    • Jan Williams
    • Janice Joplin
    • Jo-Ann Bates
    • Judy Grooms
    • Lee Mason Gregory
    • Lydia Ross
    • Lynn O'Shaughnessy
    • Marcella Stasa
    • Marti Cordova
    • Michele Gavin
    • Nancy Guillory
    • Nata Shubin
    • Natasha Kowal
    • Nila Belfiore-Dulay
    • Noel Neuroth
    • Rebecca Gilmore
    • Sandy Iles
    • Sharon DeBoer
    • Shawn Chiarelli
    • Sidney Hardie
    • Sonya Weaver
    • Sue Pirozzolo
    • Senerchia
    • Sue Ziesel McGrory
    • Susan Fox
    • Sylvanna Trujillo
    • Wanda Cordelli
  • Auction Winners who "rounded up" when they paid for the items they won
    • Ann Mereness Schrock
    • Anubha Lal
    • Becky Hawkins
    • Belle Schwarzenbach
    • Cheryl Doria
    • Christine Sheffer
    • Donna Adipietro
    • Jean Naragdao
    • Joanne Springer
    • Keith Merritt
    • Lee Grosskreuz Hechtel
    • Linda Greene
    • Linda Hintze
    • Lynn Silgo
    • Marcella Stasa
    • Pat Banks
    • Patricia Webster
    • Shawn Chambers
    • Sherri Haywood
  • Patricia Healy - in memory of my beloved Pepper
  • Arleen Larzelere - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Heather Butts - annual donation via PayPal
  • AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between July 1 and September 30, 2018
  • Glen Osborne


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Charles Coco
  • ATCA and Barbara Brown - proceeds from winning bid for leather log carrier auctioned at Montgomery
  • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation in honor of Susan Thomas
  • Donations for Roxie of Virginia
    • Lori Kirchner
    • Sharilyn Kmech - for Roxie in VA in memory of Abigail & Harriet
    • Sharman Corleto - Donating for sweet Roxie! ❤️ Thank you for all that you do! From Sharman and Will and Copper Dog in memory of Gibson
    • Esther Letsche - for Roxie in Virginia
    • Ellie Ziegler
    • Sue Ziesel McGrory
    • Charles W Jones III
    • Dana Folmsbee
    • Linda Baake Jarvis
    • Gail Grunditz Haney
    • Penelope Pappas
    • Emily Newton
    • Alison Peacher Coon
    • Shelly LaFrance
    • Suzanne Etherington
  • Bobbi Schutz
  • Jay Overocker
  • Libby Karier - in Memory of Wojo Biersack
  • Donors to Facebook Fundraisers
    • Melinda Harris
    • Brooke Closen Potter
    • Charles Jones III
    • Tammy Bates
    • LouAnn Woodall
    • Pam Ronnimg
    • Shirley Hardy McGuirk
    • Sidney Hardie
    • Judith McAbee
    • Becky Hawkins
    • Alison Coon
    • Katherine Martin Elliott
    • Kathy Hammond
    • Quincey Patterson
    • Penelope Pappas
    • Ellie Ziegler
    • Richard Armstrong
    • Tracy Smith
    • Suzanne Etherington
    • Betty Oakes
    • Gayla Machell
    • Olivia Woodruff
    • Skippy Curley
    • Katie Kroeger
    • Cynthia Chapline
    • Sharilyn Kay
    • Melissa Sibley
    • Colleen Milhan
    • Steve Morris
    • Susan Singer
    • Cassie Phillips
    • Becky Preston
    • Elizabeth Melton
    • Annie Formosa
    • Megan Crabaugh
    • Suzanne Taylor
    • Charlie Roze
  • Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund Donation - A little gift for Mercy The Oklahoma Senior Girl, for ThanksGiving Day. May her every moment be happy! The Shubins
  • Barbara Bonfield - to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund - in memory of Nonie's Gotcha Day 11/5/18
  • PayPal Giving Fund
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Arleen Larzelere monthly donation via PayPal
  • Dorothy Duff - in Memory of Ron Grover


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Mary Lou O'Keefevia JustGiving in honor or Delia L. Hardie, and in memory of her beloved Lally
  • Sylvanna Trujillo - For Roxie with Airedale Terrier Rescue of the Virginias
  • Christopher and Robin Colman - for Airedale Terrier Rescue of the Virginias
  • William Mattar, P.C. - for Airedale Rescue of Western New York (prize for Bentley's win of the Pet Photo Contest)
  • Jane and Thomas Holiday - for Oklahoma Airedale Rescue
  • Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund Donation - In Honor of Kathy Jones from her employees
  • Facebook Donations 11-01-2018 through 11-15-2018
  • Kay Krause - in Memory of Jim Krause, who loved every one of our Airedales with such great passion.
  • Leo Rotstein - Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund - in memory of Bentley
  • Barbara Bonfield -to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund - Thank you for EVERYTHING! Merry Christmas xoxo
  • Delia Lane Hardie - in Memory of Nola Hardie (10/1/2004-11/19/2018) my precious animal assisted therapy partner and rescue extraordinaire 
  • Judith Schulte - in Memory of Zoey, Reba and Dazzle
  • Heda Jindrak - Best wishes for the holiday season and for 2019!!!
  • PayPal Giving Fund
  • Zachary McMahon
  • Dean Incopero
  • Sandy Haygood - in Honor of Delia Hardie
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Arleen Larzelere monthly donation via PayPal
  • Elizabeth Karier - In Memory of Harry Biersack, owned and loved by Cathy Biersack
  • Ken Karyn and Caroline Bauer
  • Nata Shubin - for the Seniors
  • Donations for Airedale Terrier Rescue of the Virginias in Memory of Awanda R. Sidow
    • Kirsten and David Weaver
    • Pudge and Jack Lizza
    • John and Robin Breidenbach
    • Tim and Beth Sidow
  • Catherine Fambrini - Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund Donation
  • Jennifer Hagel- memory of Bailey, Angus, Cody, Mars & Aires
  • Judith Luckett - for Oklahoma Airedale Rescue
  • Melissa Simulcik - in honor of our sweet perfect Airedale, Gracie! :-)
  • Laurie and Harry Cole - for Airedale Terrier Rescue of the Virginias, in Honor of Cathy Biersack and in Memory of Wojo and Harry Biersack

The Wonderful Bees of the Airedale Quilting Bee, who created masterpieces and donated the profits to Airedale Rescue. Click here to view the quilts


If you have made a donation to the ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee (or National Airedale Rescue, Inc.) and your name is not listed, please email the webmaster. We appreciate and want to acknowledge every donation.

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Airedale Information

Safety Issues

This will take you to the page that is your source for Safety Issues regarding Airedales.  This would include anything that could affect your Airedale as a member of your family or rescue efforts of Airedales.   Read more >>


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