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  • From Patty and Ken Eisenbraun
    An ongoing monthly donation in honor of the rescue volunteers who step up, every day, to help with the rescue and re-homing of Airedales. It is also a donation in honor of some very special people who have 'mentored' me while learning the workings of rescue; Lynda Dziedzic, Katherine Key, Annette Hall and Rita Ferrer.
  • RAG American Coal Holding, Inc. - Employee Giving Programs
  • Andrea C. Thompson
  • Tenet Healthcare Foundation - Employee Giving Programs
  • Donna R. Brune
  • Shirley A. Patterson
  • Trandem Endowment Fund
  • Anna M. Krithis & Parker K. Neff - Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund
  • Andrea Denninger - Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund
  • Denise St. John-Mironov
  • Cristine A. Ruckman and Donald L. Pett: In loving memory of Feisty (7/24/90 Gillette, WY- 10/25/03 Billings, MT). Although Feisty was not a rescue Airedale, she rescued us.
  • Debra A. Lokuta
  • Wood Wornall, Jr.
  • Nancy and Frank Foster - In memory of "Tuffie", dear Airedale, 15 years old, of Ed &Bonnie Peterson. Tuffie was the last survivor of a litter, two of which we owned also.
  • Douglas &Suzanne Tates
  • Internal Audit Bureau, Inc.
  • Mary Kay Siegfreid
  • Maria Leonora Comello: I am donating in memorial of our cherished 15-yr-old Airedale Sadie, who came into our lives through Airedale rescue.
  • Beverly Ott
  • Karyn D. Bauer
  • Dr. Christie Williams, who donated one of her whimsical holiday card designs as a fundraiser. It was a spectactular success and completely sold out.
  • Irene M. Rupp
  • Florence Zittel
  • Barbara Osgood
  • E.D. & Claudia Cavin
  • Cindy, Nolan and Penny Berner - In memory of "Racey Mae"
  • Virginia Dreyfus
  • Cynthia L. Bermingham for Ralphie of Alaska
  • S. Kozel
  • S. Patterson
  • Nori, Joe, Jacob, & Lucy in memory of Sadie
  • Lev Volynskiy for the Senior Airedales Fund
  • Donors to Ollie's Surgery Fund
  • Friends of Andy - in memory of Andrew George Ross 6-22-99 to 11-03-04
  • Andrea Moore: In Honor of Brucker for Jan and Helena. I loved him very much and will miss him as I know you both will. I will always remember the wonderful walks and cuddles we had.
  • Wendy Atkinson in memory of Elizabeth Berry's Airedale, Ruza
  • The Wonderful Bees of the Airedale Quilting Bee, who create masterpieces and donate the profits to Airedale Rescue. Click here to view the quilts
  • Lydia Ross and Airedale Quilting Bee through sales of quilt pattern (Waiting for Auntie Lydia's Kookies) and the little Airedale pin (all proceeds donated to ATCA Rescue & Adoption)
  • Carol Ann Bertch for Becky Eckelman: I am donating this in my daughter's name as part of her Christmas present. This is her third Airedale and they've all been wonderful. (Rufus, her current dog, was a "rescued puppy")
  • Nancy Flagg: This donation is a tribute to Joey Warren, who is a great friend to Airedales everywhere.
  • Christine Lamb: Proud owner of gorgeous Simon, adopted from GA Airedale Rescue in 1999 and the late wonderful Jake adopted from CA Airedale Rescue in 1995.
  • Giesla Hoelscher: I am a photographer in Minnesota and participate in art fairs around the area selling my photographs. This money is being donated from sales of a photo greeting card of my Airedale, Bryllo. She's not a rescued Airedale, but I love her very much and would like to help Airedales in need. I appreciate the work your organization does and found it fitting to donate.
    Visit Giesla on the Web at:
  • Alan & Florence Goelzer
  • Cashflow Technologies
  • C. Fleshner for the Senior Airedales Fund
  • In memory of Zachary Ross
  • Darren & Karen McLaughlin -- In memory of Airedale Torey Wright who belonged to volunteer Marilynne Wright.
  • In memory of Watson Brennan
  • Sussex Hills Kennel Club in memory of Peggy Ayers
  • Sharon Arnold, in memory of Max
  • Patricia Odonnell for the Senior Airedales Fund
  • Valerie Bausch -- In memory to a loving companion...Ms. KD.
  • Angel & Myron Green
  • Lisa & Salvatore Detrane
  • Elizabeth Morten
  • Michael & Suzann Czerniakowski - In memory of Joyce Stadele
  • Emily Green
  • Elizabeth & James Caesar
  • Tera & Gregg Soelter
  • Lynne & Richard Kuss
  • Mary McNamara
  • Carol Morgan
  • Nan Hamilton, who donated the wonderful Airedale in a Heart design (as well as our logo).
  • Dorothea Reichelt
  • Patricia Timmons
  • Kathryn Eleveld - Tribute in honor of my friend's birthday. She is Jan Wiles, Oklahoma Airedale Rescue Coordinator.
  • Frank Gorman
  • In Memory of Brodie Theodore
  • In Memory of Waldo Ferrer
  • In Memory of Bill Fineran
  • Pat Rogers - to help our mistreated friends who love, even if they are mistreated
  • In Memory of David Nevin
  • Emily Sweeney -- The enclosed is a donation for a memorial for Bentley, an Airedale who died on May 1, 2005
  • Lisa & Dave Krack -- In memory of our "mixed" dale Gracie. (She was worth much more than this to us, but it's all we an afford right now!)
  • Rebecca Hansen -- In memory of our dear Holly, who passed away far too soon on October 14, 2004, and in honor of our parents, Stanley and Barbara Hansen, friends to Airedales everywhere.
  • Trish Mandes - in honor of Tessa
  • Rose McAuliffe - an ongoing monthly donation with matching contribution from her employer, American Express
  • Terry Stevens and everyone who donated to the Octobairefest auction.

  • Contributors to the 2005 Senior Airedales Fundraiser
  • ATCA members who donated to Airedale Rescue along with their 2004-2005 dues


If you have made a donation to the ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee (or National Airedale Rescue, Inc.) and your name is not listed, please email the webmaster We appreciate and want to acknowledge every donation.

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