Presenting the 10th Quilt by the ADT-L Quilting Bee.  The quilt raffle will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2006, at the Airedale Terrier Club of America National Sweepstakes show, held in conjunction with the Montgomery County Kennel Club All-Terrier Show. 

This year, we are celebrating Airedales and their friends - won by Tara Hislip.

Sue Senerchia - Maggie and Charley the Yellow Lab. Helen Arnold - Airedale walking Scotty puppies. Judy Dwiggins - Airedale kissing a horse. Linda Bell - Airedale with Border Terrier Nancy Messier - Airedale with chicks. Marianne Perry - Airedale with Old English Sheepdog. Christie Williams - Argus and Rose the Collie. Jeri Langman - Bentley with Cooper the Wired Fox Terrier. Lori Taylor - Flo and Archie the Basset Hound. Jeanette Grantner - Maggie and Rio the Doberman. Karen Grumski - Deisel and Maverick the Bichon. Rebecca Eash - Chuckles with Toby the long haired Daschund. Susan McCullough - Airedale with rat. Carol Elsworth - Bailey with LuLu an English Setter chasing squirrels. Jeanne Esmond - Roxie with a parakeet on her nose. Amy Marino - Henry's birthday with his friend Murray a Jack Russell Terrier. Nanci Nowlen - Trevor is visiting with the blue beta. Susan McCullough - Airedale and Standard Poodle. Cindy Gravatt - Airedale sleeping with cat.

  Click on each and every block to see it up close and read about the talented quilter and artist who created it. Then click on the “Order Tickets” button and help us rescue more Airedales and find them “forever homes”.

  The drawing is at the Airedale Terrier Club of America National Specialty, which is held in conjunction with the Montgomery Kennel Club Specialty weekend.  You do not have to be there to win.  Tickets for the draw are sold through the internet, by mail, and at Airedale events throughout the summer. 

  The money raised is sent to the ATCA Rescue and Adoption Committee for distribution to rescue groups as needed, to be used exclusively in assisting, rescuing and rehoming Airedales in need. The funds are used to reimburse Airedale rescue volunteers for the funds they spend to spring Airedales from shelters, to pay for veterinary care (testing for heartworm, bringing the dog up to date on vaccinations, spaying or neutering and pre-existing conditions), to board rescues when there are no foster homes available and for expert grooming in cases of disastrous neglect, as well as other expenses that are incurred by the rescue workers to help rehome these less fortunate Airedales.

  Volunteers donate the cost of gas, food, telephone calls, their time, and naturally, our foster parents are also volunteers.

  Your support through the purchase of tickets helps make Airedale Rescue possible.

  The Airedale Terrier Quilting Bee is an online community of Airedale lovers who have banded together, sharing their love of Airedales to make these masterpieces.  The entire project is conducted online - many of us have never met, and probably never will.  We live as far north as the Yukon Territory in Canada, as far south as Florida, from the Atlantic, to the Pacific coasts.  We communicate via a mailing list, and keep the quilter's website for our project reference material.

Special Bonus Quilt Prizes

"Partners in Crime"  - Won by Rita Ferrer

"Country Cousins"  -  Won by Virgina Smith

Early Dale Prize Winners

Rita Ferrer won the October 3rd Procrastinator Special "Candy Dish"

Sally Schnellmann won the
October 3rd Procrastinator Special "Mug".

Gayle Lark
won the October 3rd Procrastinator Special "Tile".

Nanci Nowlen put us over the $7000 mark to win "Aire-Heads".

Terry Darmody won "Terrilot"  the September 30th draw.

Gary Gemberling won "War Dogs" the September 29th draw.

Jane Carter put us over the $6000 mark to win the "Tote".

Lorene Hunt won "AireSports II" the September 24th draw.

Brenda Truett won "AireSports" the September 21st draw

Patricia Marciano put us over the $5000 mark to win the "Purse".

Stephanie Callahan put us over the $4000 mark to win the "Vase".

Joyce Miller won "AireFables" the September 14th draw

Sue Shannon won "Cafe Le Grillon" the September 3rd draw.

Block Makers:

Sue Senerchia
Helen Arnold
Judy Dwiggins
Linda Bell
Nancy Messier
Marianne Perry
Christie Williams
Jeri Langman
Lori Taylor

Jeanette Grantner
Karen Grumski
Rebecca Eash
Susan McCullough
Carol Elsworth
Jeanne Esmond
Amy Marino
Nanci Nowlen
Eileen Tedesco
Cindy Gravatt


Cindy Blanton
Gena Welch-Booher
Mary Burns
Patty Eisenbraun
Linda Hobbet
Roberta Sparr
Christie Williams


Behind the scene:

Project Manager; Quilt Labels; Memory Books
Jeri Langman

Layout Co-ordinating
- Christie Williams

Quilt Assembly
- Carolyn Finlayson

Publicity/ATCA Specialty Co-ordinator
- Christine Sheffer

Ticket Sales Co-ordinator
- Linda Cunningham

Memory Book Covers
- Lydia Ross

Marketing Web Design
- Holly Coes

 Web Hosting
National Airedale Terrier Rescue, Inc.